The Birth of EIF White Paper (+ downloadable handout!)

The Birth of EIF White Paper (+ downloadable handout!)

MANTA Business
January 13, 2015

Let us share a small secret with you: the Manta Tools team is going to publish its first Enterprise Information Flow white paper this week.

So, before it’s out, let’s just summarize what this concept is about and what its key benefits are. The concept is closely connected to its neighboring disciplines: Information Flow, Data Lineage Analysis and Metadata Management. It incorporates all of them and also takes a step aside and thinks about the organization’s information management from a different scope.

Enterprise Information Flow is part of Enterprise Information Management whose main objectives are:

  • To provide a comprehensive description of the information and data processing in the enterprise
  • To permit control and alterations of processes that deal with data
  • To increase the value of information (VOI)
    • By increasing the trustworthiness of information, thanks to better knowledge of its lifecycle
    • By optimizing the costs of their administration
    • By preventing errors caused by the improper use or interpretation of information

To reach these goals EIF:

  • Concentrates more on the dynamics of data processing than on data structures
  • Works with multiple levels of granularity and abstraction of data description
  • Takes into account a large set of attributes describing data from various angles
  • Uses sophisticated methods for the administration and analysis of collected data

This handout is also available in PDF, so feel free to download it here. Do you have any comments or questions? Just let us know via email or the contact form on the right. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our feed.



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