Reporting Back on TDWI Europe in Munich

Reporting Back on TDWI Europe in Munich

MANTA Business
July 3, 2015

The TDWI Europe Conference was an overall success. It was a good experience, Tomas Fechtner & Jan Andrs report. 

When I came back from Silicon Valley, I grabbed Tomas Fechtner, our Engineering’s second-in-command, and hurried to the European TDWI Conference in Munich. It’s not that far from our Czech DevCenter after all.

TDWI’s organization, according to popular German cliché, is supposed to be spotless. Well, let me tell you something – it was way beyond that. TDWI Europe did an amazing job, and compared to other conferences I’ve attended, as both a visitor and an exhibitor, they really stood out from the crowd. Nevertheless, the seminars themselves left Tomas with mixed feelings.

Mark Madsen‘s (@markmadsen) seminar on new technologies in the database world was interesting – with helpful insight and a good overview of what’s happening out there. Vincenzo Chiochia’s presentation on Big Data Success Stories was also not that bad. At least we know what Accenture is up to these days. TDWI’s own Mark Peco prepared two seminars on data virtualization and automation, which were a bit too general. That was a weird contrast, considering he felt the need to distribute 200-page booklets to the attendees,” laughed Tomas and added that many German trees would have been saved if he had opted for only PDFs.

When it came to the other exhibitors, all the big guys were on the spot. Denodo even brought a Data Ninja!

Anyway, TDWI in Munich was a nice step in our continuing effort to establish a foothold on the German market. A special thanks goes to Rudi Wedel, our skilled German sales pro and invaluable friend.

Bis zum nächsten Jahr, Freunde!


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