State of the Forum: Experts and NodeBB

State of the Forum: Experts and NodeBB

MANTA Business
October 27, 2014

This article is just a quick, personal look over the shoulder (“State of the Forum”) on our way to building a Manta Tools community and also a little praise for the NodeBB forum platform.
We launched our Manta Tools Expert Forum (invite only) a couple weeks ago to get in touch with our customers and BI professionals all around the world. But getting the product attention is not our first concern. Our primary goal is to connect people and help all of us better understand the BI world. Let’s just take a quick tour of what we’ve managed to get done so far.
Manta Tools Expert Forum:

  • is up and running (after months of preparation)
  • has over 40 members now
  • includes developers, our customers’ BI pros and independent analysts
  • is soon also going to serve as a tool to deliver test versions of our product to customers
  • runs on the hip and happening NodeBB forum platform

So everything is running smoothly and growing steadily. Before ending this State of the Forum speech, I just have to mention one more thing – NodeBB is great. It is a very new system, but with a really large community (take a look at their GitHub), friendly staff and also superfast development. New functions are added on a weekly basis and some even in response to our exact requests. It is growing in our hands and blossoming, so we are fine.
Anyway, take a look at our previous article about Manta Experts Forum – chances are you might be the guy or gal we are looking for. And, as always, do not forget to follow us on Twitter or, if you feel up to it, write us an email with any questions or comments.


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