Sentenced To Understand Manta Tools

Sentenced To Understand Manta Tools

MANTA Business
January 8, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you do when you do what we do. 

With our ongoing expansion to Western markets, we are meeting quite a lot of professionals from pretty much every industry there is. A lot of those professionals are strictly business-oriented (some might call them Data Negative) and we’ve already written you about the ways we communicate with them. In those situations the ball is not always in our court, but at least both sides of the deal are playing in the same stadium. But sometimes the game is not even played by our team.

Everybody needs a friend, especially in business. We meet new partners every month and new opportunities are sprouting like green beans in grandma’s veggie garden. The biggest problem is that due to the confidential nature of some partnerships we are sometimes unable to get professionals from our team to the table. Some talks might be unofficial, off-duty. In those cases our partners need something to leave behind, something to be passed on to the right people the next day at work. Take a guess – what should it be? A product brief? A fancy leaflet? A business card? Yes, those are useful. But the most important thing is a neatly-shaped, well-rounded, carefully-crafted message. A sentence. A statement.

It should be under 140 characters since you might want it to fit into this little bird’s beak. And it also should be true.


Manta Tools is the only solution which tells you what is really happening inside your BI environment.

And yes, we also have classic one page business summary (download it here, if you want!), cool product business cards and flying origami.


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