See You at Teradata Universe 2019!

See You at Teradata Universe 2019!

MANTA Business
August 1, 2019

After the April edition of Teradata Universe in Madrid, we are taking off to meet you on the other side of the Ocean and participate in the Denver edition. MANTA will be at Teradata Universe for a reason –Teradata is the scanner we have been using the longest, for over 10 years.

How Did It All Start?

Many moons ago, the first projects that we did back in 2008 included Teradata technology. With the great support of Teradata professionals, we have been helping our customers automatically scan data warehouses built on this solution ever since. Now, MANTA is helping Teradata trust their own company data. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say.

How Does It Work?

When MANTA connects to the Teradata database, it reads the code, understands it, documents the data flow, and pushes it into third-party data governance and metadata solutions, or our native UI.

And on top of that, we currently scan almost every possible type of data stored in Teradata. You can read more on our Tech Hub.

MANTA + TERADATA, What’s In It For Me?

Not sure if data lineage can be of help for your business? We are aware that the advantage of knowing how your data flows might not be visible at first glance. But, we also know it’s a gateway to the data governance efforts boost, development acceleration, speeding up the modernization process, ensuring data quality, shortening time-to-market, and data security enhancement, just to name a few.

We are not giving a presentation this time, so we’ll be fully available for you at our booth 410 at Teradata Universe. Find us there, so we can talk and see together, how exactly your company can profit from data flow visualization.

Any questions you have up front? Submit them to and you can be sure to get an answer!


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