See you at Informatica World 2019!

See you at Informatica World 2019!

MANTA Business
May 7, 2019

You can look forward to meeting MANTA as a sponsor at Informatica World 2019 in Las Vegas! To warm you up a bit and give you some topics to discuss with us, we have prepared a special blog on how MANTA integrates with Informatica. Read more below!

How does MANTA work with Informatica?

MANTA together with Informatica purely automates the data-lineage gathering process. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, with strong machine learning abilities, provides automatic mechanisms for data discovery across multiple internal company systems. What MANTA can then do is complete Enterprise Data Catalog by handling some really tough programming code. How exactly does that work?

MANTA connects to Informatica EDC and enhances all of its data lineage.

  1. MANTA connects to the same sources as EDC and scans all the scripts.
  2. Then, it automatically provides data lineage from those scripts and integrates it with EDC’s native resources.
  3. Finally, MANTA analyzes the programming code that is out of EDC’s native scope, such as stored procedures, views, triggers, and other scripts.

With MANTA, every Informatica customer can see how every procedure works, find out how the data is transformed between tables, and get complete end-to-end data lineage down to the column level.

For customers who have EDC’s older brother, Informatica Metadata Manager, we have a connector for IMM as well. And for customers who have neither, but enjoy the advanced ETL capabilities of Informatica PowerCenter, we are also able to provide data lineage in our own visualization.

We are looking forward to seeing you this May in Las Vegas and talking all about MANTA’s tech bond with Informatica! 

Can’t wait till May 20th and want answers to your questions now? Then feel free to write to us at


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