See You at DATAx 2019!

See You at DATAx 2019!

MANTA Business
October 23, 2019

The conference season is at its peak, and we are not slowing down either. On November 6–7, you can meet us in New York at the DATAx conference, where we will be waiting for you as an event sponsor.

What Is the Event About?

The DATAx conference will bring together data specialists working across industries to discuss the power of data science and how to utilize it to make better business decisions, improve current business processes, integrate new ones, and overcome big data challenges. The two-day agenda is packed with use case sessions and panel discussions focused on harnessing the power of data and its impact on today’s businesses.

What Can Attendees Expect from MANTA?

This time, we will focus on the data governance process in the healthcare industry. As the industry undergoes a massive digital transformation, it is facing many challenges such as data security, data quality, and data sharing. Some time ago, we wrote a blog article on how MANTA addresses day-to-day issues that healthcare industry professionals must overcome when processing sensitive data.

Working with sensitive patient data became exigent, especially in terms of jeopardizing HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Ernie Ostic, MANTA’s SVP of Products, will be a panelist in the discussion Governing Mass Data—Deploying AI in the Highly Regulated Healthcare Science Environment. During the panel, Ernie will focus on how getting data lineage and understanding data flow helps healthcare organizations navigate their data silos to understand the value and purpose of the data and to exploit it for later use.

Save the Date! Ernie Ostic will be speaking at DATAx on November 6 at 12:15 p.m. We are also looking forward to meeting you at our booth, where we can discuss all the benefits of understanding data flow in an organization, regardless of your industry.

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