Promo: Do you know where your information is from?

Promo: Do you know where your information is from?

MANTA Business
October 8, 2014

Do you know where your information is from?
Most business analysts do not. 
Imagine a situation where a business analyst in a big telco company receives a report, just a simple report based on the number of the company’s customers. The poor analyst looks at the numbers and notices that they do not match those from last week. It did not change; it is just plain wrong. The data the report is based on is totally cuckoo.
The analyst calls the BI department and asks:

“What’s going on? Hey, what’s up with these numbers? They are totally insane! We don’t have this many customers!”
“Oh, sorry, it’s the new guy. He used the wrong number of customers.”
“What? How many of these numbers are there? We should only be using just one number of customers!”
“Errr, OK. Yep, we’re going to fix it.”

But they won’t, because they can’t. They have no idea what data was used to generate this particular report. Afterward some research analysts realize that every department of the company is operating with a different total number of customers.
These situations are happening to helpless analysts every day, all around the world. Manta Flow provides a solution. You can easily track how data are transformed into information in your system.
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