Marketing Update: Get to Know Us a Little Better

Marketing Update: Get to Know Us a Little Better

MANTA Business
July 17, 2015

A totally redesigned home page, additional info on our team, and more!

Yes, we’ve launched a big update on our website. The home page change was based on overwhelming amounts of feedback and new experiences we have been getting from our recent US expansion. There was a heated discussion on what claims to put there – we finally settled on those three short non-sentences which, in our opinion, summarize what we do in its fullness. The new motto “Navigate the ocean of enterprise BI” explains the very nature of your work – we help big enterprises all around the world to sail through their huge environments and set a steady course toward Optimization Valley, Standardville or Control Town – wherever they need to go.

There’s been some discussion about the bubbles, though. Some say that those bubbles are vaguely reminiscent of a certain famouse Disney character. Those opinions were quickly thrown overboard.

mickey mouse

Another major part of this update was new pages – Privacy Policy & Cookies and Terms and Conditions.

The Team page introduces some of the people behind Manta Tools, along with their professional backgrounds and affiliations. Please pay special attention to our cartoons – they are much more accurate than you think. And let me tell you something – as long as you keep it a secret – there are going to be a few big-time additions in the next few months.


The Events page is just a place to see where you can meet us. From past events, you can get a notion of what kind of conferences we like to attend. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter – we are almost always announcing conference discounts, so you can actually save some money while attending the top industry events with us. The Policies page is the most boring page on the whole website, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. It will help you understand how Manta Tools operates and what you can expect from us. I know there are some scary phrases like “support entitlement perspective”, but it is actually worth reading.

Did you know we still have a RSS/Atom feed? Yes, we actually do! And, as always, you can send your questions and comments on our website update to or just fill in the form on the right.


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