MANTA’s New Web Design Is Here!

MANTA’s New Web Design Is Here!

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December 9, 2019

You might have noticed that our website has a shiny new look. That’s right, our previous website has retired after years of hard work. So, here comes the new one with a brand-new design and a few new pages and information sources for you. Read more to find out what’s new.

MANTA Brown, Red, and Blue

For a very long time, MANTA’s brand colors were “MANTA brown”, white, and grey. Now we have decided to tweak things a bit and make our website a bolder, more interactive space. Enter: MANTA red and blue. How do you like them?

Get to Know MANTA

The new Solutions and Platform pages will give you more information on how MANTA can be used in real-life business scenarios. You might remember them from the previous website. We have elaborated on them, clearly showing you how MANTA cures their typical pain points and what benefits it brings to the table.

Content Library

Another change that we are very proud of is our Content Library. Now, in just one place, you can find all the pieces of content that you have always dreamed of having. Along with new case studies and never-before-online flyers and whitepapers from the conferences that we have visited, we have also uploaded some brand-new content. For example, you can look at the WE ARE MANTA booklet explaining the company’s growth and history as well as some of the real-life ways you can use our platform.


From now on, you can use our new Events section to check where MANTA’s heading next. Are you attending an event listed there? Excellent! Click “Meet us there” below the event description, use the Calendly link to schedule a meeting at the conference, and let’s talk!

Work for Us

Already in love and want to change the world of data with us?  Check out the new Careers page, read what our colleagues say about working for MANTA, take a look at our photo gallery, see our open positions, and who knows, maybe see you on board.

How do you like our new colors and all? Give us your feedback at


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