Manta Tools: The Core Team

Manta Tools: The Core Team

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March 12, 2015

We are really looking forward to meeting you. Let’s get a head start. 

Let’s begin with me – my name’s Tomas Kratky (LinkedIn), and I’ve been running this thing from the beginning. Like pretty much everyone in our spin-off, I gathered my experience in the Prague based company Profinit (a TOP 10 ICT service provider in the CEE region) which later became a member of Austrian New Frontier Group. There I managed Enterprise Integration and Information Management projects for top banks, insurance companies and telcos worth around $15 mil/yr.

Our master salesman at Manta Tools is Petr Stipek (LinkedIn), an IT sales heavy-hitter with 15 years of experience. He has sold products and services worth millions for companies such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Sophos. After joining Profinit, Petr focused on large enterprise data management solutions based on Informatica. This inevitably led him into the arms of Manta Tools and he has been swimming with us ever since.

The latest addition to our non-technical staff is Jan Andrs (LinkedIn), a constantly connected marketing guy. He was responsible for marketing Information Management, Fraud Investigation and Cyber Security products at Profinit, and he has gradually moved toward Manta Tools, becoming responsible for pretty much everything marketing-related: web, lead generation, social media, events and PR.

Manta Tools DevCenter


Our development center is located in Prague, where our journey initially started. Our guys work in a beautiful cubist style villa built in 1912 by the famous Czech architect Josef Gočár. DevCenter is run by our Head of Development, Lukas Hermann (LinkedIn). He has been leading a team of six Junior and Senior Developers who have built projects for the biggest banks, insurance companies and telcos in the CEE region. His team developed Manta Tools with four supported data warehousing technologies from a bunch of prototypes to stable version in less than two years. Lukas coordinated early stage prototype research, university cooperation and worked closely with our Advisory Board (more on our talking heads in a specific article).

We are really looking forward to meeting you. See you in San Francisco!


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