Manta Tools Partners Up with Information Asset

Manta Tools Partners Up with Information Asset

MANTA Business
October 13, 2016

Manta Tools has a lovely new partner – East Coast based Information Asset

Our relationship has been short, but passionate. It’s been only four months since Manta Tools and Information Asset met for the first time at Enterprise Data World in San Diego, and we’ve realized that we are the perfect fit.

Information Asset (LinkedIn) provides customers with beginning-to-end services for the data governance lifecycle including consulting, training, tool evaluation, and product implementation. On the other hand, our Manta Flow enables enterprises to get end-to-end data lineage. This helps them achieve regulatory compliance and save millions of dollars on development, among other things.

Manta understands a very critical role of respected and professional partners both for customers’ satisfaction and our future growth,” says Tomas Kratky, our CEO. “Sunil Soares, CEO of Information Assets, is a great professional with a lot of experience and deep understanding of (not just) metadata and data governance both in theory and in practice. He built an amazing company very well known for its ability to help clients doing smart decisions, implementing efficient processes and choosing right tools. I am proud to welcome Information Assets among our top partners.

We are already on the hunt for joint customers, so wish us luck! And there is one more thing you can do for us – follow both companies on Twitter (this is ours and this is IA’s)!


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