Manta Tools at Informatica World Tour in Belgium

Manta Tools at Informatica World Tour in Belgium

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November 20, 2015

Manta Tools, represented by their beloved partner Aexis, will be at Informatica World Tour in Belgium! Why should you attend?

In general, this event is focused on helping you derive greater value from data. Our goal there is to present how Manta Tools works with Informatica. You should definitely stop by the Aexis/Manta Tools stand to check things out!

But besides that, there will be a lot of very interesting presentations. The one we recommend is  “Proximus Corporate Data Dictionary and Metadata Management” by Jonathan Puvilland, Senior Architect from Proximus (formerly Belgacom).

Manta technology callout 2017 informatica v1

The event takes place in the cute little event hotel Salons Waerboom, west of Brussels, on Wednesday, Nov 25 and you can register for the event right here

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