How Manta Flow Helped Informatica Metadata Manager With Custom Code

How Manta Flow Helped Informatica Metadata Manager With Custom Code

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December 11, 2015

IMM is one of our prime areas of integration. Let’s take a look at one use case that shows how we make things happen.

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Many of our customers solve their data lineage issues with Informatica Metadata Manager. In one of our most recent cases, the customer had a special request – the ability to see data flows passing through SQL Server Reporting Services. IMM can connect to SSRS easily, but is not designed to fully analyze complex SQL overrides and other SQL code in databases like Teradata, SQL Server or Oracle, in cases where SQL overrides are used (read more about custom code in BI here).That’s the speciality of Manta Flow. Let’s take a look how it works inside the IMM with Manta Flow connected to it:


At this point, Manta Flow came to the rescue! In this implementation, our solution filled gaps in data flows and helped the customer to get a full picture. The customer’s DWH Specialist was then able to perform an impact analysis in a fraction of original time. The same solution is also available for SQL Server Analytic Services and IBM Cognos, by the way.

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Sounds cool, huh? Try Manta Flow using our online demo and drop us a line at or by using the form on the right.


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