VIDEO: Manta Tools Goes to San Francisco

VIDEO: Manta Tools Goes to San Francisco

MANTA Business
March 9, 2015

Epic news, everyone! We are finally expanding to the United States of America. 

How that happened? We’ve prepared a short video to share our story with you. Take a look:

We are going to be based in Runway, a home to awesome startups, even though we are more like a spin-off. We already have quite a lot of events to attend, but there is always a time for a nice cup of coffee with interesting people.

Why Runway, you ask? Yes, we are not a typical startup, but so what. Spending three months in there is a metaphorical springboard for us. We are on the look for new partners and investors and a new branch in US will help us achieve that. But do not sign us off after a few months, we will definitely stay around on our own. For practical reasons, we are keeping our Manta Tools DevCenter back in Czech Republic, not only because they are already here, but also because we are in love with local top technical universities.

We’ve also launched a new Meet Us page, where you can see our and partner’s locations worldwide. Partnerships are an important part of our business and always have been. We’ve recently became friends with British Data To Value, but there is around 180 countries left, so man up, South Sudan (and also everybody else – just use a form on the right)!


In next few weeks, we are going to keep you up to date on Twitter, so be sure to follow us. We also have a feed ready for your subscription right here.


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