Manta Tools Be Tweetin'

Manta Tools Be Tweetin'

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December 3, 2014

It has been a few months since Manta Tools started broadcasting on Twitter. How has it been?
Our Twitter account used to be primarily an informational tool for some members of our team, and “another social network I do not use” was used for the rest. We started to publish continuously in August of this year, and it has been a great experience so far. What have we learned from it?

  • Twitter is definitely not dead for B2B. Even from just a few months of activity, we’ve already got some contacts and some of them have already joined our Expert Group. The actual sales cycle in our case is really long (a few months usually), so acquiring new leads directly from Twitter was not an option. But we’ve got some contacts and pushed things a little closer to our goal. – spreading Manta Tools all over the world.
  • It is worth it to take it slow. At one point we tried to get a lot of followers quickly, but we got a lot of irrelevant people who are not contributing to our little community. Everybody tells you that the best way to be considered an “influencer” is to have thousands of followers. That’s true, but you have to earn them by being awesome. Twitter is not separated from reality, and especially in the high-profile B2B we live in, you have to earn the trust of your peers. So a simple “follow me, I’ll follow you” scheme is not enough.
  • Analytics pay off. SocialBro was actually a big help to us. Community Insights helped us improve our content and discover new users to grow our base. And for the price (around $150 a year) it has virtually unlimited options.

We are still at the beginning, but we feel like Twitter is the real thing for us. It has been an awesome way to get in touch with our (potential) customers and also the perfect option for networking and getting recognized out there in the big world. And that is something we cherish deeply.
Do not forget to follow us on Twitter, of course! You can also get in touch via email or the contact box on the right. And, surprisingly, RSS feed is still working, even though it’s almost 2015. 


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