MANTA and Informatica Metadata Manager: Best Friends Forever?

MANTA and Informatica Metadata Manager: Best Friends Forever?

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December 4, 2014

Have you heard about Informatica Metadata Manager? Of course you have. Let’s see how it works with Manta Tools.
Informatica Metadata Manager and Manta Flow (our tool for data lineage analysis) are basically complementary solutions with slightly different focuses. One cannot replace the other, and they work best together with IMM as a platform that Manta Flow complements. IMM is a rich metadata management platform with many important features:

  • business glossary
  • rich library of metadata connectors
  • data lineage visualization
  • different role-appropriate metadata views
  • advanced search and browse of metadata catalog
  • impact analysis
  • integration with Informatica Data Quality

And how does Manta Flow complement IMM? In which areas can a system based on Informatica’s solution benefit from the connection?
Manta Flow brings additional value to IMM in several areas. Manta Flow connects to Informatica Metadata Manager, taking advantage of the IMM plugin API, and enriches the metadata model of IMM with data lineage from the following:

  • database* scripts
  • database* stored procedures
  • SQL overrides in Informatica PowerCenter
  • SQL overrides in reporting**
  • Informatica PowerCenter indirect files (lists of flat files)
  • Informatica PowerCenter parameter files, automatically (IMM parses parameter files but needs to be manually configured in order to load them or refresh after changes)

* Currently Oracle and Teradata are supported, MS SQL support is scheduled for 2015, and further platforms are planned. While IMM has a rudimentary capability to parse SQL, in real life situations (as witnessed in production with our customers) we find it is still not sufficient for impact analyses or documenting target lineage.
** Currently IBM Cognos is supported and we are open to suggestions for other platforms.

Visualization of an IFPC workflow in the Manta Flow online demo.

Manta Flow also analyzes indirect data flows – conditional dependencies like filters in IFPC or WHERE clauses in SQL. Although indirect data flows cannot currently be visualized in IMM, Manta Flow provides additional tabular output (csv by default) to be used in impact analyses and lineage discovery.
And not only indirect data flows, it also analyzes them with much more than lineage in mind. What Flow does is a complete semantic analysis of the platform code (the platform being a database, ETL, or report), and each node in the Manta metadata model provides useful attributes for more advanced analyses. This is used by Manta Checker to detect certain hard to diagnose issues along the full length of the data flows.
Informatica Metadata Manager is a powerful solution that has its limitations, as any other tool. We want to help you ensure that the data lineage you are working with is complete and uninterrupted, and that you have the right combination of tools to fit your particular environment. Manta Flow is our addition to this toolset, and our customers get great results with Manta – especially when combining it with Informatica Metadata Manager.
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