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MANTA Tools 3.8: Colorful Boxes & Automatic Transformations

MANTA Tools 3.8: Colorful Boxes & Automatic Transformations

Right now a new MANTA Tools release is being deployed to our customers. What are they getting and what can you get right now?

A lot of BI developers like using procedures in SQL. And they use them not only to modularize code, but also to call it from other procedures which pass parameters taken from one table to be stored in another table. This dataflow might be hard to follow, especially when it goes through several calls or even a recursion, but it is no longer a problem for the new version of MANTA Flow. And this is available for both Teradata and Oracle in the native visualization and also in the Informatica Metadata Manager (read about our cooperation with IMM here).

When we deploy MANTA Flow with our native visualization to customers’ sites, they often ask:

“Great, we have all the technical metadata together with lineage and code in one tool, but what about the other metadata that we have stored in our modeling tools like Power Designer?”

Our metadata repository already supported the import of custom metadata, but now this can be done even more easily by creating a set of rules describing how to integrate it. Moreover, it is possible to define new graphic layers in the visualization based on metadata values, so you can have green fact tables and blue dimension tables if you want, and you can easily switch between these layers instantly in the tool. This provides unique look on custom code in your environment.

MANTA Checker’s customers really love to create their own rules according to their methods, especially those running Informatica PowerCenter.

“We have created a rule to make sure this attribute is always set to “YES”, so we are now aware of this horrible production issue,” they reported. “But, well, we have just found thousands of “NO” occurrences in all of our workflows, which are impossible to fix.”

We listen to our customers, so the new version of MANTA Checker for Informatica PowerCenter supports automatic transformations of workflows. Just run the transformation in MANTA and import the fixed workflows back into your PowerCenter repository.

When you have a Teradata database in your data warehouse and you need to handle several environments (distinguished geographically or by production state) with the same transformations written in BTEQ scripts, you can use placeholders instead of real database names and replace them just before the run. Although a script with such placeholders is not a valid BTEQ script, MANTA Tools can now easily analyze, check, or transform it as usual. Moreover, when checking a script, you can select a profile containing mapping from placeholders to real names, so MANTA can also check the existence of used tables or deprecated databases for the specific environment easily.

Finally, for those who have Oracle and lots of production errors, check out our new MANTA Checker for Oracle demo.

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