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MANTA Tools 3.7: Oracle and Informatica Updates

MANTA Tools 3.7: Oracle and Informatica Updates

The first release of MANTA Tools in 2015 is here! What’s new?

The last release was pretty much all about Oracle, and this time it’s no different:

“Oracle was a big challenge for us,” says Tomáš Fechtner, Senior Developer of MANTA Tools. “But statistics from our MANTA Flow demo show that a lot of our potential customers are interested.”

That’s why we have added dozens of new transformation rules into Checker for Oracle, and also a pretty print function is now available. In the next release, we will even include it in the existing Checker demo, so everybody will be able to try it for themselves online.

Our friends at Informatica are also on the roll. MANTA Checker for Informatica can now order reports by validated objects. Another big step in this release is the full integration of issue tracking systems. Bugzilla was an obvious choice, it is basically a synonym for issue tracking. And another choice was Atlassian’s JIRA, a very neat and swift solution many of our customers use and love.

That’s it for the big changes. And the small ones? With help from our MANTA Experts, both MANTAChecker and MANTA Flow are much more optimized and faster than ever before. Also, we’ve upgraded MANTA Tools to work perfectly with the latest version of Teradata.

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