MANTA is Built to Last

MANTA is Built to Last

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September 24, 2018

Did you know that MANTA is built to last a company’s lifetime? If you update it periodically, you only need to adjust your monthly subscription plan based on how your BI and environment grow in capacity. Other than that, MANTA is a keeper.

But like with everything, there are a few simple rules you have to follow to make sure MANTA is in the best possible condition. Here are the two (yes, only two!) secrets to ensuring your MANTA will last till you retire:

1. Update

2. Upgrade

So, without further delays, lets get to it.


If you are following us on all corners of the internet, you may have noticed that MANTA is constantly coming up with new connectors for different metadata management solutions and platforms. It’s not always because we didn’t connect with them before—it’s because they didn’t exist! That’s right, other companies are continuously releasing new solutions and developing new environments as well. And MANTA constantly develops connectors to support them.

Developing new connectors allows MANTA to be seamlessly reborn into new BI environments. This can save companies thousands of dollars! If you have already bought MANTA and you decide to upgrade the technologies we already support in your environment, you can be sure that MANTA’s newest version will support your newest version. Many of the companies that develop the solutions we support, such as IBM, Informatica, Teradata, and Collibra, are even MANTA’s partners. This means we often develop our connectors using and doing continuous testing on their own software, usually months before they release it. So, when something like EDC comes out, you can be sure we already integrate with it.

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If you pay your subscription fees, you just need to check and make sure you have the newest version of the software installed. We make this easy for you by releasing new updates quarterly so you know when to watch out for an upgrade. Currently, we are also testing a new MANTA updater in beta, to make MANTA software updates even more user friendly.


As you know from our pricing, MANTA is priced according to the number of scripts in your data warehouse environment. The fact that you have upgraded to a new technology doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more scripts in your environment than you did before.

If you can fit into the “script budget” that you are currently in, then you might not need to pay even a dollar more, even after changing the software in your BI environment! So, if you change your technology but your data environment stays the same size, MANTA will adjust to your needs and simply be reborn in the new technological environment.

If you have any questions about how to get the most out of MANTA, feel free to contact us at


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