MANTA + Informatica

MANTA + Informatica

MANTA completes Informatica to form a comprehensive metadata management platform. But how precisely does the bond work? [VIDEO BELOW ↓ ]

Trust Through Understanding

Our product allows you to trust the data in your BI environment, because it is specialized in cracking SQL code and helps to fill gaps in metadata management solutions. It does not matter whether they were deployed to fulfill compliance regulations or create the backbone of your data governance efforts. The Informatica Metadata Management solution has a rudimentary capability to parse SQL, but, in our experience with our customers over the years, there are still blind spots here and there.

MANTA connects to IMM through XConnect (native API plugin), and enriches the metadata model of IMM with missing pieces of data lineage:

  • BTEQ scripts, stored procedures, views, and macros from Teradata
  • PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures, packages, and more, including DB links, from Oracle DB & Exadata
  • T-SQL scripts, stored procedures and more, including linked servers, from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase (now SAP ASE), and PDW
  • NZPLSQL scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM Netezza
  • DB2 scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM DB2
  • SQL overrides from Informatica PowerCenter, Cognos and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

It fills in the gaps in data flows and allows our customers to get end-to-end data lineage (including those pesky indirect data flows).

Here is a live shot of MANTA + IMM,  fullscreen is recommended.

Beyond Lineage

MANTA’s ultimate goal is to understand the semantics of the code being analyzed. If you have ever thought about advanced performance tuning, real data protection analysis, automated business lineage extraction,or migration of your code base to a different platform, MANTA is exactly what you need.

For customers who do not have Informatica Metadata Manager, but do enjoy the advanced ETL capabilities of  Informatica PowerCenter, we are also able to provide data lineage in our own visualization or IBM IGC. MANTA’s open API allows customers to push metadata to 3rd-party tools such as Collibra, Adaptive, Alation, Axon, and others.

Manta technology callout 2017 informatica v1

Faster and Cheaper

The impressive part is how fast MANTA works. It can map a BI environment at a speed that is incomparable with any  human workforce, which means you save quite a lot of money on man-hours.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of MANTA + Informatica, and how it can help with your current situation, be sure to contact one of our specialists! They can discuss your situation in detail and give you a better idea of how MANTA can help with your data governance efforts.


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