Key Features of MANTA: Its Understanding Superpower

Key Features of MANTA: Its Understanding Superpower

Welcome to another episode of “Key Features of MANTA”. This time, we are focusing on a feature so mighty, we don’t hesitate to call it a superpower. An understanding superpower, that is!

Many, many vendors sell solutions for metadata management solutions that have many great features that MANTA can’t match. But luckily, we do have a superpower that we lend to other solutions and partners and make use of ourselves, or all of the above. It is the ability to parse tough, scary, custom programming code.

MANTA made itself in SQL, because it can read the most complex segments of SQL, including but not limited to: PL/SQL scripts, BTEQ Scripts, T-SQL scripts, TPT scripts, NZPLSQL scripts,  stored procedures, SQL overrides, Informatica PowerCenter Workflows… The list goes on and on, depending on which technology you use.

But since over time MANTA has been supporting more and more scanners and integrations, we’ve needed to adjust over time to other just as complex programming languages. With MANTA 3.22, we will release support for PostgreSQL (which means Amazon Redshift and Greenplum as well, yay!).

This not the only new language we will add to our family of supported technologies. In 2019, as you have read in the roadmap article we released, MANTA will add Java support, which will open up a whole new world of MANTA + Cloud integrations.

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Besides being able to read the actual language, MANTA can differentiate between languages and parse multi-language environments automatically. Automation in combination with our code-parsing, understanding superpower automation and our code parsing, understanding superpower is what makes MANTA unlike any other solution on the market.

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