Into the Box Called Silicon Valley

Into the Box Called Silicon Valley

MANTA Business
April 14, 2015

We’ve spent a week in Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. 

Our first week in Silicon Valley was pretty much all about Plug and Play Tech Center where we attended a startup acceleration workshop. And lessons learned?

  • Don’t stop smiling. That’s sounds easy, but it’s not. General American politeness and openness is an awesome thing, although it is sometimes hard to keep up, especially when you’re European. But we are getting there!
  • Craft the message. Demo coach Nathan Gold was a big help. Besides practical tips and insights, he also spared time for 1:1 training and value proposition polishing, which moved our communication with outsiders to the next level.
  • Worry about the money, but not too much. May Roen from Escalon Services gave us a sneak peak behind the curtain of overseas financing and back-office management here in the Valley. Hands on experience is always worth it.
  • Manners maketh man. Our CEO Tomas fell in love* with Marc Musteric, who shared some really valuable accent and behavior tips for public presentations here in the US.
  • Be prepared to take risks and fail. That is something our sales pro Petr Stipek pointed out as the most admirable: willingness to try, fail and then get up again. Americans are famous for it, but the entrepreneurial scene in Silicon Valley seems to be the epicenter. And that’s a good thing. It sometimes might get out of hand a little (our heartfelt condolences go to a girl who invented a Tinder-like social network where you have to donate to charity before you get info on your match), but in general it feels great and keeps us on our toes.
  • The people in Sunnyvale are awesome. Both professional and friendly. Special thanks goes to the organizer, Yael Oppenheimer.

In conclusion, Plug and Play itself does a lot of great work in tech innovation and funding. We met quite a lot of important people there, and have already made small steps in building our contact network and establishing a US presence. Whereas the previous week was more about training and getting ready, this week is all about business. There are still some events where you can catch us in April – take a look at a special article dedicated to it. Want to get in touch? Use the form on the right.

* I am obliged to tell you that this is purely metaphorical statement.


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