In Manta Rays We Trust

In Manta Rays We Trust

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December 11, 2014

Nobody can save the whole world, but everybody can do their small part. 
We chose to support Manta Trust, a British non-governmental organization which helps to protect manta rays in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Indonesia. Those guys are doing a tremendous amount of good work and we felt the need to contribute. Why? We asked ourselves this question over and over. A lot of answers came up, but one was prevalent. We simply admire those gentle giants.
We donated a certain amount of money for every Manta Expert who joined our ranks. As part of our sponsorship, we were also given the privilege to name one of the manta rays from the Manta Trust database. And her name is… (drumroll, please) … Flo!
Flo is a healthy long-tailed young lady. She was first seen near Ari Atoll in the Maldives in July 2014 and is around three meters wide. Flo is not yet mature, and in the picture above you can see her chillin’ with other rays and feeding on some plankton and what not. The funny thing about manta rays is that they sometimes jump out of the water (it is actually called breaching) like whales. Scientists do not know why they do that, there are many contesting theories: mating rituals, to get rid of parasites and suckerfish, or even just for fun.
Manta rays have been designated “vulnerable” as a species, and they are definitely worth preserving. That’s why we would like to encourage you, our dear readers and experts, to join us and donate to preserve manta rays. Learn more about these gentle giants and how to help on Manta Trust’s website.


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