Handshake Moments in May: Save the Date

Handshake Moments in May: Save the Date

MANTA Business
May 4, 2015

Manta Tools has some pretty cool stuff planned for May. Meet us there!

On Wednesday, May 6th, you can see our CEO Tomas Kratky pitch Manta Tools to a board of investors at San Francisco ElevatorPitch. He will also be available for any questions you might have:

Our CEO Tomas Kratky will also join CEO Breakfast Club at our home, RocketSpace. This time it’s going to be about building unicorns in Silicon Valley! Event is invite-only, so no tickets are available. But we do have other event which is actually really huge – the biggest event held by one of our partners – Informatica World! Petr Stipek and Tomas Kratky are going on Tuesday, so feel free to contact them and get your meeting while there’s still time.

Yet another pitching session is planned for us, also at Runway, but with demo tables and everything. You can also weigh in using your fake millions (those you will receive at the front desk) to show your <3 to Manta Tools!

  • May 20 – PitchForce at Runway Incubator – Get tickets here on Eventbrite. You missed the Early Bird, but there are still a couple of discounted tickets left.

And, as always, you can just write us using the form on the right. It works; I promise. 


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