Get Yourself a Job, Will Ya?

Get Yourself a Job, Will Ya?

MANTA Business
August 6, 2015

We are growing. And we might be looking for you. 

After our recent expansion, the amount of customer support and presales operations needed grew rapidly, and our development team paid a high toll. Lukas Hermann, our Director of Engineering, is dedicated to keeping our R&D alive and kicking because that’s the only way to stay ahead of the competition. And that’s why we need new colleagues.

Hackers – Get Ready! 

Right now, we are looking for a Manta Hacker – Java Developer. Being a Manta Hacker is about the analysis, design, development, and testing of Manta Tools’ products. Basically, as Lukas puts it:

“It is about pushing limits and doing things everyone else is afraid to do.”

We are looking for a full stack engineer with a strong Java development background, and we are not very strict when it comes to experience. All those “5+ years experience” limits suck big time. If you are a genius, you can work for us – it’s that dead simple.

Our developers currently live in our DevCenter in Prague, in a beautiful cubist villa near the Prague Castle. In addition to all the usual company perks and a more than decent salary, you will also be part of a young team who is making the world of BI a better place. Take a look for yourself and drop us a line at


There’s Work for Everyone

Yep, there might be. We will happily accept all CVs and whenever a position opens up, you will be the first one to be considered. We are growing like Jack’s beanstalks, and there are already rumors of marketing interns (when Jan finds some time to actually write down his needs) and other professions. So, send your CV to and get yourself a job, will ya?

Every job offer will also be posted on Twitter. Follow us so you do not miss anything. 


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