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Expert Analysis: How Lineage Enables Metadata Management

Expert Analysis: How Lineage Enables Metadata Management

MANTA Business
August 11, 2022

Meet Dr. Steenbeek, a global thought leader in data management. In 2016, she founded Data Crossroads–an enterprise that helps companies implement and optimize data management frameworks. Her areas of expertise include not only the implementation of data management frameworks, but also data lineage, metadata management, and more. She has experience in multiple industries including IT, financial services, and professional services. Dr. Steenbeek has also authored five books including Data Lineage from a Business Perspective. In other words, she is the real deal. 

That’s why we’re excited to bring you an in-depth expert analysis written by Dr. Steenbeek exclusively for MANTA’s readership. In this expert analysis, entitled Data Lineage as an Enabler of Metadata Management, she dives deep into just that–how data lineage serves as a facilitator of metadata management. She starts with an exploration of the definitions of data lineage and metadata, then moves onto the concepts of metadata management and the needs of metadata stakeholders. By the end of the analysis, she has fully articulated exactly how data lineage and metadata management tie together.

Data Lineage as an Enabler of Metadata Management


Data Lineage as an Enabler of Metadata Management by Irina Steenbeek, Ph.D.

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If you’re a visual learner, you’re in luck. Detailed figures and tables are embedded into the analysis, breaking down complex topics into an easy-to-digest format.   

By reading the expert analysis, you’ll learn: 

  • How metadata, data lineage, and metadata management are defined and classified 
  • Different types of metadata stakeholders and their unique needs 
  • The relationships between data lineage, metadata types, and sources
  • The distribution of tasks between metadata management and data lineage capabilities 

Trust us–this isn’t something you want to miss. Get your copy of the complimentary expert analysis here.

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