Data Lineage from… Microsoft Excel?!?

Data Lineage from… Microsoft Excel?!?

Yes, you heard correctly. Excel is one of the new connectors we have introduced in MANTA 3.25. The reason for this is that many of our customers still have disturbing amounts of data in Excel databases, which was more challenging to include in their data lineage. Now, everything is possible.

MANTA now tracks data lineage in Excel, being able to read multiple sheets and slides. After connecting to MS Excel, MANTA can process XLSM and XLSX files as well as look up Excel objects such as graphs and pivot tables. All the mapped objects are then connected to their source objects by analyzing queries with MANTA’s database connectors.

We also have a detection algorithm with which MANTA can automatically reveal aggregated lists and tables that have formula relations among each other. MANTA is able to track data lineage from database tables and CSV files through tables and graphs among multiple Excel workbooks and push the whole picture into MANTA’s native visualization as well as into third-party solutions.

Here you can take a look at what Data Lineage with Excel looks like:

Data Lineage for Excel

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Katerina Plskova