Protecting Credit Scoring Know-How in Big Banks? Try Manta Tools

Protecting Credit Scoring Know-How in Big Banks? Try Manta Tools

MANTA Business
March 4, 2015

How does Manta Tools fit into the data warehouses of big financial institutions? 

Financial institutions who run consumer lending businesses invest a lot of money, effort, and know-how from years of experience into the development of advanced credit risk scoring functions. These algorithms are kept secret under strict rules, and typically only few people in the organization can access them. Knowledge of how scores are calculated would allow internal sales forces or external sales channels to influence credit acquisition processes or even manipulate individual credit risk applications.

One way to decode a credit scoring function is to collect a good amount of customer data where calculated score values are combined with variables that contain input score characteristics, and then use statistical methods to understand the function. Such “dangerous” combinations of data can typically be found in BI solutions or data warehouses. Every BI solution should allow the separation of access to such data elements by proper categorization of data sensitivity and user entitlement setup. Achieving this is not an easy process – and it is especially difficult to verify if the setup is correct.

By using Manta Flow Security you can easily identify and visualize those components of BI solutions (for example data marts) where unwanted combinations of such sensitive data are present or analyze user data access setup to find out if there are direct or more hidden and indirect ways to retrieve such data sets. Outputs from Manta Tools can be used for your BI security improvements and also as proof for your internal auditing that your credit scoring functions are well protected.

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