Budget Friendly MANTA: Our Pricing Is Built to Last

Budget Friendly MANTA: Our Pricing Is Built to Last

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January 9, 2019

Most budgeting for the next year occurs at the end of the previous one. But we really get into it in January, when things start to fall into place. To help you calculate along with MANTA in 2019, we have written an article all about MANTA’s pricing.

Last year we published an article about how MANTA is able to last a company lifetime from a technological perspective. Now, we’ll share how MANTA’s pricing is also set to meet your needs. Besides the carefully designed tiers that you can read about here, we have also made sure our pricing meets customer needs even when special situations occur – for example, the growth of the environment or the need to upgrade to a higher tier.

When it comes to upgrading, we are always sure to take into account how much you have already paid for MANTA. You see, with us the minimum term for a subscription license is one year. Twelve months from beginning to end. For example, let’s say you buy a MANTA license now, in January. But as you can not always plan absolutely everything in advance, by April you find you need to upgrade to a higher tier. In this case, MANTA takes into account the remaining months of the subscription and allows you to upgrade to a new tier with a contract starting from the date of purchase. So now, your new contract with MANTA will last from April to April of the following year.

Now, a less standard situation would be one where the customer upgrades after a longer period of time. Such a customer might have an older MANTA license, for example, a now historic one-time-purchase license. In such a case, MANTA takes this license into account as well. If such a license is still supported, meaning the customer pays for support, we pause this license at the time the customer closes an annual contract for a higher tier. Yes, you understood that right, pause!

Here you can see the transformation showed on an example of a model company that would like to upgrade to an Unlimited Fleet Tier.

So theoretically, if one of our customers ever wants to downgrade from the subscription back to the basic license, it is always possible. But that has never happened. Once our customers take a sail on one of the big boats, they never want to go back to the cheap-folks pier.

You can view our full price list here.

Do you have any more questions about how our pricing works? Then write to us at manta@getmanta.com or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for you directly in our chatbot. He’s over there on the right, and he is really not as annoying as he looks, I promise!


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