About the MANTA Platform

No matter how complex your data environment is, MANTA platform reaches its every corner to restore observability, keep your data pipeline healthy, and get the most out of your data. The combination of lineage harvested across multiple sources in an automated way and a powerful semantic layer on top of it gives data users a complete, clear, and comprehensive map of all data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies, that helps them improve data governance, streamline migration projects, enable proactive debugging, and accelerate incident resolution.

How MANTA Works

Step 1:

Connection and Scanning

Our scanners connect to various parts of your environment, automatically gather all metadata, and reconstruct complete lineage.

Step 2:

Lineage Extraction with Added Semantics

Adjust the lineage to the level of detail that meets your needs. Search through all of the lineage, focus only on selected parts, review previous versions, share the lineage with others, and more.

Step 3:

MANTA’s Fully Accurate Lineage Delivery

MANTA’s lineage can be delivered in its native interface, exported to a third-party governance solution of your choosing, or be integrated into other data management processes via its robust, well-documented API.

Key Features and Benefits

Full automation

Achieve full automation with lineage seamlessly integrated into your applications.

Out-of-the-box scanners and integrations

MANTA is ready to use with multiple data governance and cataloging solutions, allowing you to maximize the benefits of these solutions and avoid vendor lock-in.

Powerful API

Push lineage from MANTA to independent solutions and make it the backbone of your information-processing environment.

Accurate impact analysis with a complete data journey

Visualize both direct and indirect data flows as clear as day to perform accurate impact analyses.

Data transformation

Get an immediate understanding of how crucial calculations were derived with the complete data journey as well as all the transformations that happened along the way.

Historical lineage

Compare the state of the environment or dataflows live at any selected point in time.

Active tags

MANTA allows you to take advantage of fully customizable color-coded tags to highlight information relevant to you in the context of the data pipeline.

Native User Interface with advanced filtering options

Easily explore, navigate, and tune lineage visualization to your needs and understanding, no matter how tech-savvy you are.

Accelerate with MANTA

  • faster incident resolution

  • increase in existing development and maintanance processes productivity

  • growth in team productivity

  • decrease in time spent analyzing the impact of a source system change

Data Governance Tools Graphic | MANTA

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