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The Central Hub of All Data Flows

Every organization uses data to stay relevant and competitive while undergoing constant digital transformation process. MANTA’s unified lineage platform shows you the data’s origin and its journey through all data-processing systems to you and every other user at the organization.



Manually collecting, updating, and integrating lineage costs you enormous amounts of time and effort.

MANTA saves organizations significant resources and automatically updates the lineage whenever necessary. This eliminates human error, providing 100% accurate lineage based on hard facts rather than guesses and assumptions.


Beating Complexity Together

Making data-driven decisions is an issue when decision makers do not understand poorly interpreted information. Misunderstandings lead to misinformed decisions and financial loss.

MANTA shows data flows in a way that is user-friendly, clear, and understandable for all decision makers without them having to reach out to the IT department or external specialists.


Make DataOps Truly Agile

IT and business infrastructures are becoming more and more complex and difficult to maintain. At the same time, pressure for full regulatory compliance, higher agility, shorter time-to-market, and data privacy and protection is mounting.

MANTA significantly decreases the overall cost of IT services, allows instant impact analysis, accelerates incident resolution by 90%, helps avoid vendor lock-in, and supports a rapid, agile approach to development.


The Only Unified Lineage Platform on Earth

There are a number of metadata management solutions that include some basic data lineage functionality with limited features and technology coverage.

MANTA is designed to be easily integrated into any data management ecosystem and to make all users understand how data flows and transforms throughout the whole organization. The platform is built with both IT and business professionals in mind, sporting beautiful and easy to navigate lineage visualization, deep technology coverage, and dozens of other game-changing capabilities.


MANTA Data Lineage

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